Bernice Rijnberk is a Dutch visual artist with great interest for interior design. After working many years as an independent in the hospitality and event business, she started in 2020 B*Nice by Bernice. Initially as an interior designer but along the way she discovered that creating art makes her really happy and that art involves a careful, personal representation of a space. She is inspired by (fashion and interior) magazines, people, travelling and nature. In her atelier she is experimenting with different materials, textures and mixes of paint. This results in different kind of artworks. She often works on more than one art piece. It is all part of the process! Please get in touch if you would like to know more about her work.


“You’re always welcome in my atelier, I would be happy to give you an insight, show my work and tell you more about the process. It would B*NICE to see you”!